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Here are some of the questions we get asked about the most!


  • Orders take 4-5 days within Canada.
  • We do ship to the United States; shipping fees will vary based on weight and final shipping location.
  • For all other international orders, please contact us directly.
  • All prices are in $CAD.


  • Back Road Coffee roasts SPECIALTY coffee, therefore we use highly respected importers to source our coffee to ensure that we have the best quality products, and that the farms and farmers where our beans are grown are cared for.
  • In order to preserve the quality of our coffee, we ship our beans whole. We are happy to grind beans in store to your desired grind settings, but we’d like to stress that freshly ground coffee is the best kind of coffee!
  • The valves on our bags are meant to help with the off-gassing of our beans. Don’t worry, air isn’t getting into the bag, and you don’t need to seal or cover up the valve once opened.
  • Single Origin roasts mean that there are specific seasons for specific beans. We might not be able to offer these roasts all year long.



  • At BRCR, we take sustainability very seriously. We’re always doing our due diligence to make sure that all of our partners – from the workers, to the farmers, to our staff, are a part of our sustainability goals.
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