A beautiful brewing method, the V60 is one of the best brewing methods to extract delicate flavours. Discover notes that you’ve never tasted before!

Things to keep in mind:
We recommend a 1:15 ratio.
We’re working with parameters – if your recipe is not within parameters, adjust your grind. If your recipe is within parameters; taste the shot. If it doesn’t taste ideal, diagnose defects and adjust accordingly. Need help with extraction? Refer to our extraction guide reference HERE.




Step 1

Set up your pour over server and dripper on the scale. Fold the V60 filter so that the tab lays flat against the filter, and place inside dripper. Turn on your kettle to 96°C (204°F). Once hot, warm up dripper, filter, and server by pouring hot water down the sides of the dripper; discard water.

Step 2

Measure out beans, grind and dose into filter. When doing, groom the ground coffee and distribute into the dripper. Place pour over onto scale and tare.

Step 3

Start the timer.
0:00-0:45 Start the timer, and begin pouring in a circular motion. Pour 100g of 96°C (204°F) of coffee over coffee bed. Using stir stick, stir from north to south, east to west, in sure, even strokes to allow bloom. Wait for 45 seconds for water to drain.

Step 4

0:45 – 2:00 – Pour 100g in a slow, outward spiral from centre of the dripper, and wait for water to drain.
1:45 – 4:00 – Once drained, pour last 100g, wait until coffee stops dripping

Step 5

Remove dripper, pour yourself a mug, and enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee.

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